• 11:55pA.P. BioS01E06-1
  • 11:20pLoveS03E01+1
  • 1:55aA.P. BioS01E05-1
  • 11:15pLast Week TonightS05E04+1
  • 11:35pModern FamilyS09E15-1
  • 11:15pSaturday Night LiveS43E15+1
  • 9:50pQueer EyeS01E08+1
  • 11:05pChampionsS01E01+50
    Starts impressively fast. Exposition only slightly forced. The kid is incredible and a character I haven't yet seen on TV.
  • 11:55pA.P. BioS01E01 - S01E04+51
  • 12:05aCounterpartS01E02-1
  • 11:50pQueer EyeS01E07+1
  • 1:00aFrasierS04E11 - S05E11+0
  • 1:50aCrashingS02E08+1
  • 11:10pCounterpartS01E01+50
    Not the best writing, but conceptually cool. JK Simmons is better as the strong guy, than he is as the weak guy.
  • 10:10pQueer EyeS01E06-1
  • 11:50pQueer EyeS01E04 - S01E05-2
  • 12:45aQueer EyeS01E03+1
  • 11:40pCrashingS02E07+1
  • 11:55pQueer EyeS01E02+1
  • 11:55pCrashingS02E06+1
  • 11:10pQueer EyeS01E01+60
    Awesome. Superb reboot. Tom is the most earnest gentleman I have ever seen on television.
  • 11:55pCrashingS02E03 - S02E05+3
  • 10:45aThe Good PlaceS02E12+5
    Great season 2 ender. I love the journey.
  • 11:10aSaturday Night LiveS43E13+1
  • 12:15aThe Office (US)S05E03+1
  • 11:45pThe Office (US)S05E01 - S05E02+2
  • 11:10aSaturday Night LiveS43E12+1
  • 10:50aComedians In Cars Getting CoffeeS01E05 - S09E02+1
  • 4:05pComedians In Cars Getting CoffeeS01E02 - S09E05+6
  • 11:55pThe End of the F***ing WorldS01E01 - S01E08+54
    Really great. Different. Gripping. Fun. British.
  • 12:55aThe Office (US)S04E08 - S04E09+2
  • 11:55pThe Office (US)S04E05 - S04E06+0
  • 11:05pAmerican Crime StoryS02E01-1
    Interesting, but not on the same playing field as season 1, The People vs. OJ.
  • 11:10pCrashingS02E02+1
  • 1:10aModern FamilyS09E11 - S09E13-1
  • 11:40pThe Good PlaceS02E10+1
  • 11:25aSaturday Night LiveS43E11+1
  • 11:55pThe Office (US)S02E12+2
  • 11:15pCrazy Ex-GirlfriendS01E01+50
  • 10:25pLA to VegasS01E01 - S01E02+49
    Kinda funny. A refreshingly original premise, but not sure where the show goes from here.
  • 1:25aEpisodesS05E05 - S05E07-1
  • 1:05aCrashingS02E01+1
  • 11:55pEpisodesS05E01 - S05E04+4
  • 11:15pSaturday Night LiveS43E10-1
  • 11:05pThe Good PlaceS02E09+1
  • 10:55aBill Nye Saves the WorldS01E01 - S01E02+51
  • 9:45pForged in FireS03E15+1
  • 2:50pThe CrownS02E08 - S02E10+2
  • 3:35pThe CrownS02E06 - S02E09+1
  • 5:25pSearch PartyS02E01 - S02E02+2
  • 3:05pThe CrownS02E04 - S02E05+2
  • 12:30pThe CrownS02E01 - S02E03-1
  • Interesting concept. Bad writing. Sometimes I'm bored watching it... sometimes I'm smiling.
  • 2:25pMind FieldS02E01+1
  • Huh
  • 11:55pAt Home with Amy SedarisS01E03 - S01E08+4
  • 11:55pMind FieldS01E01+50
  • 10:25pBroad CityS04E09-1
  • 11:55pAmerican VandalS01E05 - S01E08+2
  • 2:30aModern FamilyS09E10-1
  • 9:35pSaturday Night LiveS43E09-1
  • 11:05pMozart in the JungleS03E04 - S03E10+3
  • 7:10pThe Marvelous Mrs MaiselS01E07 - S01E08+2
  • 1:15pMozart in the JungleS03E02 - S03E03+0
  • 10:30pMozart in the JungleS02E02 - S03E01+5
  • 8:35pMozart in the JungleS01E05 - S02E01+3
  • 11:45pMozart in the JungleS01E01 - S01E04+51
    Super late on this one. Oiginal and entertaining. Didn't make me feel much, tho. A more upbeat, mainstream 'Whiplash'?
  • 1:05aSaturday Night LiveS43E08-1
  • 8:00pThe Marvelous Mrs MaiselS01E01 - S01E05+62
  • 8:35pModern FamilyS09E06 - S09E09-1
  • 6:15pThe 5th QuarterS02E01+1
  • 7:05pThe 5th QuarterS01E01 - S02E04+49
  • 11:20pAmerican VandalS01E03 - S01E04+0
  • 11:55pAmerican VandalS01E02+2
  • 8:15aAmerican VandalS01E01+50
  • 7:05pGilmore GirlsS01E15+2
    Meaty ep.
  • 11:05aSaturday Night LiveS43E07-1
  • 11:55pFriendsS08E07 - S08E09+3
  • 11:55pCurb Your EnthusiasmS09E09-1
  • 3:30pHalt And Catch FireS04E10+5
    A beautiful ending to one of my favorite TV shows -- especially the 'Phoenix' scene with Cam and Donna. Everything dies. Everything begins again.
  • 7:05pThe Big Bang TheoryS11E08+1
  • 9:35pCurb Your EnthusiasmS09E07 - S09E08+0
  • 8:05pEastbound And DownS01E04+2
  • 11:55pHalt And Catch FireS04E08 - S04E09+2
  • 11:05aSMILFS01E01+60
    Tightly written, and original.
  • 11:00aModern FamilyS09E07-1
  • 11:55pSaturday Night LiveS43E06+1
  • 10:20pEastbound And DownS01E01 - S01E03+50
  • 10:05pNathan For YouS01E01+60
  • 11:55pVice PrincipalsS02E09+5
    What an incredibly satisfying finale for this show. Wow. A tiger. Lee + Gamby's friendship. The glances across the food court, and two friends who end up so close, and yet a world apart. I hope Walton Goggins is back on TV again very soon.
  • 11:05pSaturday Night LiveS43E05-1
    Monologue was good, but not much else.
  • 11:05pVice PrincipalsS02E08+1
    This ep feels like it could be the finale -- there's more?
  • 11:55pCurb Your EnthusiasmS08E08 - S09E06+4
  • 10:05aSaturday Night LiveS43E04-1
    Not good - except for the final sketch of the night.
  • 9:35aCurb Your EnthusiasmS07E10 - S08E07+9
  • 10:35pThe Good PlaceS02E06 - S02E08-3
  • 11:55pCurb Your EnthusiasmS07E09+2
  • 11:55pAt Home with Amy SedarisS01E01 - S01E02+49
    Amy's amazing. Writing is really solid, but will have to watch a second ep to see if it holds my attention.
  • 11:55pVice PrincipalsS02E07+1
  • 12:55aModern FamilyS09E05-1
  • 12:10aThe Big Bang TheoryS11E06-1
  • 11:55pThe Big Bang TheoryS11E03 - S11E05-3
  • 9:05aThe Good PlaceS02E05-1
  • 11:55pVice PrincipalsS02E06+1
  • 9:30aModern FamilyS09E02 - S09E04-1
  • 12:05aThe Big Bang TheoryS11E07-1
  • 9:45pThe Good PlaceS01E04 - S02E04+5
  • 11:35pModern FamilyS09E01+1
    +1 for Cam's moo moo getting caught in the boat motor.
  • 9:55pI Love You, AmericaS01E01 - S01E02+49
    Interesting, but not deep enough to deliver on the promise of the premise.
  • 9:10pVice PrincipalsS02E05+2
  • 11:05pCurb Your EnthusiasmS09E04-1
    Each scenes from season 9 feels like a quickly written parody of the show's earlier greatness. There's something off about Larry. He's much more ornery than in previous seasons. I'm hoping it's on purpose and part of the plot in the rest of season 9.
  • 11:55pCheersS05E17 - S05E18+0
  • 11:45pVice PrincipalsS02E03 - S02E04+3
  • 11:55pCheersS05E16-1
  • 9:05pThe Big Bang TheoryS11E01 - S11E02+0
  • Much improved. Elvid... 😂
  • 11:55pBroad CityS04E03-1
    This season is a total dead fish.
  • 10:35pSaturday Night LiveS43E02 - S43E03-2
  • 11:55pCheersS05E15+1
  • 11:05pCurb Your EnthusiasmS09E02+1
    Funny, but the writing is off.
  • 10:35pSaturday Night LiveS43E01-1
  • 9:25aVice PrincipalsS02E02+1
  • 8:55aHalt And Catch FireS04E07+2
    Sad ep, but well done. Will miss this show.
  • 8:10pMurphy BrownS06E013+2
  • 11:50pMe, Myself & IS01E01+50
    Not bad, but pretty lame.
  • 10:05pWill and GraceS09E01+1
    A little forced - but super impressive for a show that's been off the air for 12 years. I laughed.
  • 11:10pVice PrincipalsS02E01+1
  • 9:05aHalt And Catch FireS04E06+1
    Really glad Donna didn't crash. What's up w/ Cam?
  • 11:55pWill and GraceS01E01+50
  • 11:00pCurb Your EnthusiasmS09E01-1
    Disappointed. Larry + the cast was uncharacteristically giddy throughout the episode -- as if they were having fun making the show. New lenses w/ short depths of field and a jib shot made the show feel like a Curb reboot, rather than a continuation. Uncontrollable, but characters had aged more than I wanted them to. The door-holding joke with the lesbian couple might have been edgy/relevant/interesting 10 years ago, but in 2017 it made Larry David seem old and out of touch as a writer. Fatwa concept was interesting, but the way Larry reacted was uncharacteristically frantic. This show was always best when the jokes were subtle and you felt like you might be the only one in the room who thought it was funny... "do you respect wood?" "you can't pause toast" "is it a divorce?" "I hate myself, but it has nothing to do with being Jewish" ... The only thing that hit that spot last night was the ongoing constipation bit. Hoping the show can shake off the dust and get back to true form next week.
  • 11:55pCheersS05E02+1
  • 10:25pBroad CityS04E01 - S04E02-2
  • 11:55pCheersS04E23 - S05E01+5
  • 10:30pCheersS04E21 - S04E22+0
  • 10:20pMurphy BrownS05E25+1
  • 10:05pThe MayorS01E01+50
    Flowed really nicely until the last 3-4mins when it got lame, abrupt, and lame.
  • 12:15aCheersS04E20-1
  • 9:25aHalt And Catch FireS04E05+1
  • 11:30pMurphy BrownS05E22 - S05E24+3
  • 11:50pCheersS04E18 - S04E19+0
  • 1:05aCheersS04E17-1
  • 12:45aCheersS04E16-1
  • 2:05aCheersS04E14 - S04E15+0
  • 11:55pHalt And Catch FireS04E01 - S04E04+2
  • 11:00pCheersS04E11 - S04E13+1
  • 11:55pMurphy BrownS05E18 - S05E20-1
  • 10:05pCheersS04E09 - S04E10-2
  • 11:05pMurphy BrownS05E14 - S05E17+0
  • 8:05pGame Of ThronesS07E07+1
  • 11:55pMurphy BrownS05E12+1
  • 8:05pGame Of ThronesS07E06+1
  • 12:50aFriendsS03E16 - S03E17+2
  • 11:55pMurphy BrownS05E05 - S05E08+0
  • 11:55pFriendsS03E15+1
  • 10:10pDream OnS01E01+50
    Hard to believe the creators of Friends went from creating a show based around a late-30s main character to a show centered around people in their 20s.
  • 3:15pGame Of ThronesS07E05+1
  • 11:55pFriendsS03E11 - S03E14+1
  • 11:50pEpisodesS01E01 - S01E02+51
  • 4:10pMurphy BrownS04E08 - S04E24+1